Governors Role

What do Governors do?

Quotes from National Governor Association:

·         Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools.’

·         ‘Governors are key to the effectiveness of a school.’

As St Michael’s is a Church of England School, there are added responsibilities:

·         Firstly, ensuring that that the Christian Ethos of the school is encouraged and maintained and links between the school, Church and Diocese are preserved.

·         Secondly, 10% of all building work is paid for through the Governing Board.


In practical terms the Head teacher and Staff are accountable to the Governing Board for the educational performance and progress of the pupils.

The finance of the school is overseen by the Governing body.

We work closely alongside the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team and Staff to ensure that the core school values and the Mission Statement underpin all activities and this leads to an inclusive, welcoming and outstanding school.


How do we fulfil these responsibilities?

Each term, four main committees meet and cover all areas of school life:

Premises and Buildings: so are responsible for everything to do with these and work with a Yearly Premises Development Plan

Pupil and Personnel: This covers everything to do with pupils and all staff throughout the school and includes areas such as Safeguarding and Pupil Premium and SEND

Curriculum: This covers all areas of the Curriculum in school and includes assessing progress of pupils throughout their school life. Each term a presentation is given by a Subject Leader.

Finance: Here we deal with the school budget in every area and there is also a Staff Pay Committee which oversees Salaries.

There are other groups who meet when needed to deal with Admissions, Appointments, Exclusions, Complaints and Head teacher Performance Management.

Once a term the Full Governing Board meet.

All Governors attend initially Induction Training and then in depth training in their responsibility area. Two training days a year are held specifically for Governors of St Michael's School.


Who are we?

The majority of the Governing Board is appointed by the Church or the Diocese and called Foundation Governors.

Additionally we have a Local Authority Governor, two Parent Governors, two co-opted Governors, a Staff Governor, an Associate Governor, all having terms of office for four years.

We have two ex-officio Governors:  the Head teacher and the minister of St Michael's Church.

Any other information or questions that you would like to have or ask or if you feel we can be of help to you then you can contact me through the School Office.

Jennifer Bailey

Chair of Governors