If your child is not well enough to attend school, please telephone the school office before 8.30am to let the school know the reason for absence. 

Sickness: If your child has been sick, we ask that they stay away from school for 48 hours, to reduce the spread of any infectious illnesses.

Please be sensible about any illnesses - coughs and colds are not really a reason to be absent from school, but with any infectious illnesses such as chickenpox, you should ensure your child has passed the stage where they can pass on the infection to other people before returning to school.  If you are not sure about your child's condition, please seek medical advice.

St Michaels will not authorise absence for holidays during term time.  If there are personal circumstances (eg a family funeral) which may necessitate your child's absence from school, please speak to your class teacher, and put it in writing.