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Over the past fortnight, Y6 have been engaging in a unit of work to mark the events of World War 1. To begin with, we read letters from soldiers at the Front Line, which proved to be very moving. Then we looked at some of the poems from Wilfred Owen which explained how individual experiences of war often differed from the Official news sources of the day.

On Friday of last week, the classroom was turned into a set of trenches and the children entered into the scene believing it was 17th December 1917. The time was 7:00pm and it had been snowing all day. They were told that within the next few hours, they would receive the order to "Go over the top". After crawling through the unknown, the children settled to write their diaries while around them, the sounds of war raged and the room was filled with smoke from a small fire. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_SAM_1361-Copy.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_SAM_1368-Copy.JPG   b2ap3_thumbnail_SAM_1366-Copy.JPG

Examples of 6C's diaries can be found here:

Aarons-diary.pdf      Aimee-Bs-diary.pdf  Aimee-Ps-diary.pdf   Angelinas-diary.pdf   

Beas-diary.pdf         Caitlins-diary.pdf      Calders-diary.pdf      Ellas-diary.pdf             

Ellies-diary.pdf         Freddies-diary.pdf    Graces-diary.pdf      Hollies-diary.pdf   

Jacks-diary.pdf        Jessicas-diary.pdf     Joshs-diary.pdf        Katies-diary.pdf 

Lily-Cs-diary.pdf       Lily-Ms-diary.pdf       Lily-Maes-diary.pdf  Lucas-diary.pdf 

Matthews-diary.pdf  Millies-diary.pdf         Ollies-diary.pdf         Oranns-diary.pdf 

Regans-diary.pdf     Sids-diary.pdf            Tynishas-diary.pdf    Wilburs-diary.pdf

This week, we have turned our minds to poetry and again further explored works from both WWI and WWII. The children have discussed language features such as simile and metaphor as well as repetition and alliteration to create a mood. These poems will be available shortly.

We are extremely proud of the work the children have produced but especially of how maturely and sensitively they have handled the information. It is so important that the children understand the truth of the time and use this to help us all avoid similar problems in the future.

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As I walked down the road from school I could see the new sweet shop that had just opened. As I stepped into the shop, out the corner of my eye I could see the mouth-watering sour sweet. The name of the sour sweet grabs my attention so I pick it up. The shopkeeper said, "That will be 20p” I get my change from my wallet, I hand over the 20p, I walk out of the shop, rip open the packet and shove the sweet in my mouth, but it made my tongue tingle, so I spat it out.

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In science, Year 6 have been studying light and created some pin hole cameras.


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This afternoon, 6C explore a new style of poem called “Cinquain” – meaning 5, in this case referring to the number of lines.

We looked at a style where there is a strong syllable pattern (2, 4, 6, 8 & 2) and tried to write a short poem about anything of our choice.

Have we managed to keep to the syllable pattern?



Comes from Denmark

Easy building for kids

You can rebuild it more than once




 I can relax,

 You can't run out of books,

 All I want, will ever want is,

 More books



Then make the dough.

Next add all the toppings,

Place in a very hot oven.

Eat it! 



Be creative

Falling with elegance

Spreading magic all around the place




Loads of toppings,

Melted gooey cheese with,

Squidgy filled with soft dough,




Pugs are so cute

It is an animal

They come in different colours

The Pug



It starts snowing

We use snow for snowmen

And we make snowballs for fighting

Great times



White snow beard

Pot-bellied tummy 

Delivers exciting presents



The fans

 Thirty-two teams

Goals to be remembered 

 Players better than ever




They are very small,

They're cute and loveable,

Can come in a range of colours,

Love pugs.



Build anything,

Make immense monuments,

Add the most miniscule details,




Processed almonds

Make marzipan, love it

Or hate it for as long as life




In goes butter,

Then the eggs are added,
It is all mixed up, baking for days,
Yum, cake.


Make people happy

Joyful but surprising

Everyone likes presents





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Mr Heasman has shared with us a video he made during 6C's visit to Oxney Wood on Tuesday 2nd December.


Take a look.

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Like their friends on Tuesday, this half of 6C wanted a line strung between two trees. Having quickly realised that it wouldn't work as a zip line, they soon found that the very properties that made it useless for this purpose made it perfect for bungee.

Check out their videos below:

Huge thanks again to the parents who volunteered this morning and who were rewarded with seeing the children safely entertain themselves for an hour before descending on the food. It was a little messy as can be seen below but, boy were the marshmallows tasty.




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6C visited the forest for the very last time this morning and it was fitting that they were greeted by lots of lovely mud:


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This morning, half of 6C headed out to Oxney Wood to re-live their experiences from Foundation Stage. Many had good memories of the route although the puddles seemed much deeper.

Great fun was had by all and many thanks need to go out to Mr Heasman for putting together a roaring fire for when we arrived, and to all the other adults who came with us who shared in our fun and games.

In the pictures below: cooking up a storm, zip wires, swinging around and a human clothes line!


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This week, Year 6 have been exploring the emotions of different characters to be found in the Greek myth: Echo and Narcissus. If you don't know the story, you can read them transcript here before looking at our videos.

Our main task was to empathise with the four main characters: Echo, Narcissus, Zeus and Hera. Working as groups of 6, we explored the main parts of the story and how the character must have felt. We used these ideas to create emotive poems, entitled "I am" before recording our voices over images of the characters in an app called 'Morfo'. The results are life-like and capture the changing moods of each character.

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Over the past few weeks in R.E., class 6C have been learning about Saints and how our everyday lives can demonstrate some of the values that are Saintly. We have some great discussions and the children have been able to recall lots of details about Saints we have studied as well as other people who have led inspiring lives.

Our on-going task has been to research the lives of Christians who have made a difference to the lives of others and present this information in a series of books. This task required the children to use an app called "Book Creator" as well as searching the Internet for information and images. You can read these below.

Hopefully, you will find the stories as inspirational as the children have and use them as a chance to evaluate what we consider important in our lives.












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Recently the year 6 classes have been focusing their literacy skills on the terrible events during the World Wars. They started this by listening to some sounds that could have been commonplace in the trenches. Whilst listening to these they also mimed some of the actions the brave soldiers could have been doing. There were children diving for cover, clutching onto table legs for dear life, curling up into the tightest of balls under tables and some were even slumped lifeless only propped up by the imaginary trench walls.


After completing this exercise they wrote down some of their thoughts and ideas that they could be using later on in the topic. During the next session we pulled down all the blinds, upturned the tables and turned the lights off in order to recreate the trenches at night and immerse themselves in the possible emotions the brave soldiers may have gone through. With the same soundtrack of war as before, the children proceeded to write diary entries and letters detailing their thoughts and emotions as if they were those soldiers.


Both classes have done extremely well and are now constructing their poems just like Wilfred Owen did all those years ago before he died in 1918 at the age of 25. Please come back soon to see some of the poems we have written, we would love to hear what you think of them and how we can improve them even more!


Take a look at the video/sounds we used. What would be going through your mind if you were in those trenches?


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Yesterday, three members of 6C read out their diaries about life in a WW1 trench which you can read here Diaries.docx


The whole school also filled a large poppy with over four hundred smaller ones:


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