St. Michael's

Church of England Primary School

The Maths Challenges are back

It has been far too long since the last challenge, therefore it is time to bring them back, but with a twist. From now on you will be able to get a maximum of 40 points for each challenge completed. These points will be based on the final answer, the time taken to hand it in, your presentation and resilience.

After completing your first challenge you will be given a sheet to record your points on and track your progress towards one of the six possible certificates. Each time you complete a challenge the points will be added to your total  in order to move you closer to  the target amounts.

This challenge is all about time and the Summer Holiday. The question is below and you can get an entry form from the office, Mr Bird or by downloading it ---> Maths Challenge #1.



Maths Challenge #3

The challenge this time is all about...time! 



  Here are the clues.

  1. No even number is between two odd numbers.
  2. No consecutive numbers are next to each other.
  3. (a) and (g) add to 13.
  4. (d) and (j) also add to 13.
  5. The first set of 6 numbers [(a) - (f)] add to the same total as the second set of 6 numbers [(g) - (l)] .
  6. The number at position (f) is in the correct position on the clock-face.
  7. The number at position (d) is double the number at position (h).
  8. There is a difference of 6 between (g) and (f).
  9. The number at position (l) is twice the top number (a), one third of the number at position (d) and half of the number at position (e).
  10. The number at position (d) is 4 times one of the numbers adjacent (next) to it.


An entry form can be obtained from the school office, Mr Bird or download it -------> Maths Challenge #3 - clock face