St. Michael's

Church of England Primary School

Watoto Choir

What a treat! The whole school, split into two halves, walked down to Christchurch to watch the renowned Watoto children’s choir this morning not knowing quite what to expect.

Within a few seconds of the first girl beginning to sing, the whole church erupted with joy and praise.

The children bounced and sang a couple of uplifting songs before inviting a few children up onto stage to join them in a small routine. Then the choir sang a more gentle song offering thanks to God and those who are kind enough to support them.

The finale involved the whole of St. Michael’s and the parents who were kind enough to walk down with us, to stand and join in.


Back at school, we had the privilege of hosting the choir and their support team over lunch time. They began by singing a traditional blessing and then, after we learnt that one of the choir was celebrating her birthday, we offered her our own song.


The children’s final gift to us was to enter the kitchen and sing a thank you to all of the staff who had prepared their meal.

A truly wonderful day.