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Numeracy Passport

icon Numeracy Passport Document

Our Passport is broken down into each of the inhabited contintents of the world, each focussing on different mathematical skills linked to the National Curriculum. Before a passport is issued to our youngest children, they will have to complete a series of challenges known as 'Getting Ready to Travel' which is based on the EYFS Curriculum targets.

The Numeracy Passport is used to help children master key mental arithmetic skills. They will be required to demonstrate quick recall and understanding of the different skills a number of times before the staff will sign these off and allow the children to progress.

Upon completion of a continent, children will recieve a certificate to take home which celebrates their success as well as outlining the targets for the next continent.

The continents and targets are shown below, in the order: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America and finally Globetrotters.