A fleeting moment - perfect example

​There was a wonderful moment just after the gates had been opened that nearly went unnoticed but I'm glad I spotted it and can share it here. As usual, I was stood welcoming everyone into school and the initial groups had entered. 

There was a brief pause with three different people all pausing from their different routes. The reason: they had their heads up and were aware of what was around them. They each took a second to register one another and then almost without a word or gesture, the three which included a child with a bike, a parent with a buggy and another group coming in, all gave way and carried on without coming too close.

As I say, I'm glad I saw it. It proves we can all get around each other if we look where we're going and take note of others. Not just for now, but this could improve things for all in all walks of life.

The day escaped me


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021