Positive response

​After the news I had to share on Friday about the closure of a class, I was expecting a response today and I am pleased to say it was a good one. 

1) A parent contacted me about their situation - elder children isolating due to contact at a Secondary school - not wanting to send the other children in without informing us so as not to risk our children or staff.

2) One parent who felt that getting one sibling into school would be tricky was quickly able call on friends to collect while they stayed at home with their Y1 isolating child.

3) When I opened the gate this morning, it was much calmer and much less busy; hopefully because more of you took a little extra time to give each other some space.

4) Miss McCarthy who will be teaching her class from home for the duration of the isolation, has been setting the bar very high so that the lessons are as close to normal as possible. Hopefully no-one else will have to follow this example but we will be even better prepared because of her efforts.

Lunchtime with a difference
We continue with clarity


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021