Same but different

​It is looking almost certain now, as I begin this before 2:00pm on Saturday 31st October, that the country is about to enter another 'Lockdown' to tackle the second wave of Covid19.

One anticipated difference is that schools are to remain open - I hope this is correct otherwise I'll be blogging again within a few hours. For us in schools, this will be somewhat of a relief as we will retain a sense of normality and I'm sure the children as well will be keen to come back. Between 8:40 and 3:20 we will be able to give them the social interaction (somewhat limited) that has proven so important for them before our half term break.

I, like many, have seen the videos of other parts of the country which were given notice of tighter restrictions previously which led to some uncomfortable scenes in the towns and cities. My understanding of this lockdown is to break the infection rate which may give us a touch more freedom by Christmas; it is not a reason to go out and flout the rules one last time before we have our freedoms taken from us. More importantly, please remember that we are all in work to keep your children from as much of this as much as we can; you help by keeping your distance from each other around school as this increases the chance of each year group remaining open for the next 7 weeks.

Lockdown guidance
Tier 2 - surely some "tears too"


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021