Tier 1

​Today we heard that at present, our area is in the Government's Tier 1 "Medium" concern which means that no extra restrictions beyond the Rule of 6 are in place. A relief to most I'm sure. 

However, if you have not seen the briefing slides from today, then what I can share is that there is an upward trend of cases in almost all of the country and in our area, whereas the rate until recently was below 10, now it is nearly 40. 

As I pointed out in a recent newsletter, the situation in other parts of the country is far worse and as some of the graphs showed, where cases rise, sadly so do the hospital admission rates shortly afterwards.

Now is not the time to ease off on our understanding of Social Distancing; as I have said before, it is quite easy to manage around school if we all take that extra little time and watch around us.

Please bear with these small-scale restrictions / guidance measures in and around school. Though the rate is still comparatively low, a single case would close a class and maybe a year group so if we all do what we can, we can keep everyone in school (where the children have been so settled and positive sine September).

Tier 2 - surely some "tears too"
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Tuesday, 26 October 2021