Tier 2 - surely some "tears too"

​Just after the tier system was announced the other day, Essex County Council made it known that they would be asking central Government to place the county into the next tier - High. This was granted this morning and as of this weekend, the new restrictions come in to place.

The biggest difference is that no household mixing can take place, unless a 'support bubble' as previously defined, is in place. This means that those family get togethers in homes or restaurants are no longer possible. 

We may not understand or agree with this measure being put on us, and quite honestly it does seem hard but one thing I heard this week was Mike Gogarty (Director of Public Health, Essex) compare this plan to driving. He said that if you had to apply the brakes in a car to avoid an accident, surely you'd rather be moving at 20mph than 70mph. I liked that analogy and now thinking that through again, although the decision has come quickly, it might be just what the county needs to remind everyone that care is still needed.

Same but different
Tier 1


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021