I do not want to be political in any way but if you had asked any member of my staff or indeed any other educationalist, I'm sure they would have been able to tell you that children do and always have, acted as vectors (or transferors) of this and any other illness.

Why it has taken until now to see or admit this is beyond me. What I am now focussing on is how we move forward. From tomorrow, the plans we have in place - communicated to you today - will continue until the end of the week. We will take the time to think carefully about what comes next, balancing the needs of children at home (the vast majority) with those who absolutely need to be in school. 

If your situation has now changed because of the announcement and you now can keep your children at home, I urge you to do so so that together we can play our part to reduce the rates in our community and ultimately move closer to a return to school as soon after February half term as possible.

Start as I mean to go on


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021