We continue with clarity

​Last Friday's first positive COVID19 case show me that most of what we have in place at school is effective in limiting the impact this could have. The immediate response was to change the lunch arrangement, which the kitchen team responded to quickly, to allow the Y1 to eat in their classrooms as a 'treat'. Parents were contacted and most were there to collect children within 10 minutes.

The staff within Y1 were fantastic - all hands on deck to first and foremost keeping the children happy and then manning the gates to direct parents even though the weather was chilly.

When I was able to call Public Health England, they were confident that the procedures we have in place were strict enough to allow half of the year group to return on Monday - there may be some concern but rest assured that we would not proceed this way unless we felt it was safe. For the class that now will remain at home, it is the first test of our Remote Learning which will see live lessons via Zoom run for a whole class. It may not be as good as being in school, but the staff again will do everything they can to make it as close as possible to this.

Positive response
Collectively marking Remembrance


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Tuesday, 26 October 2021