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Internet Safety

At St. Michael's we take all forms of Internet Safety very seriously and have systems in place which prevent most of the harmful aspects of the Internet away from our children. However, no system is perfect and occasionally something will make its way through the filters we have in place. When this happens, the children are encouraged to speak to a member of staff who will then follow the necessary channels to prevent further children viewing the offending material.

The best practice is always for an adult to supervise children at all times and therefore monitor the content the children are accessing. To enable parents to be as safe at home as possible, here are some website links which should assist you in keeping your children safe on the internet: - e-Safety Information for Parents - The Essex County Council Safeguarding website - The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) parents’ information website 




Friends of St. Michael's

The Friends of St. Michael's (FOSM) is a parent run association which supports the school with fundraising and events for the children.  We are always looking for parents to help with planning or running events, including our big one of the year, the Summer Fete. 

We have a closed group on Facebook where parents can keep up to date with news and information about Friends events. To join the group, search for The Friends of St Michael's School, Braintree (FOSM) on Facebook. 

pdf FOSM Newsletter 2nd July 2021

pdf FOSM Newsletter 12th March 2021



The generic uniform (trousers/skirts etc.) can be purchased from any retailer that stocks those items.  Items with a school logo can be purchased from our uniform partner, Absolute Embroidery.


Travel to School

The easiest and healthiest way to travel to school is to walk.  We recognise that this isn't always practical for some families, but we urge parents/carers who drive to school to park responsibly.  Please do not block driveways or park on corners/bends. Be considerate to other road users, pedestrians and the people who live around our school. 

There is no drop off or pick up from the school car park / in front of the school reception. 

If you cycle or use a scooter to come to school, please dismount from these when on the school premises, do not cycle on the paths. Older children may apply to cycle to school and leave their bicycle locked on the premises in the provided bicycle racks, this applicable in accordance to our Cycling in School (2019) policy.